FoodHack launched in May 2016 as a passion project by Camille Bossel and Arman Anaturk by combining their technical skills from their agency along with their love for food & drive for a more sustainable future. The early days of FoodHack took shape as a hackathon in Geneva to reduce food waste in Switzerland which brought togehter 50 participants and over 25 cross sector partners. 

But following from the food hackathon a community of 800+ strong individuals had grown hungry for more.

In 2017 we re-launched FoodHack as a hub for food & drink entrepreneurs.  Now, we support our growing community by brining people together, both online and offline, so that they can imagine and shape a better and more sustainable future. 

FoodHack Founders

Camille Bossel

Growing up in Switzerland I become accustomed to our Swiss food traditions; roast beef for christmas, cold meats and cheese for apero or a glass of milk before bed. I felt assured by Swiss food labels that what I was eating was environmentally friendly and I never questioned this before.

When I began traveling I had the opportunity to discover other food cultures which led me to question my own. I realized how misinformed I was about my food choices and how difficult it is to change your diet. I cofounded FoodHack to keep myself on track and to provide support for others transitioning towards a more sustainable diet too.

Arman Anaturk

Being from a Turkish family I naturally found myself spending a lot of time in the kitchen. This led me to discovering the joys of cooking from scratch and eventually to my (in)famous dinners with friends.  

Along the way I became more conscious of my food choices and their impact on the environment. I cofounded FoodHack as a way to continue developing my knowledge on food nutrition and sustainability, bring other passionate people together and to highlight existing individuals, startups and companies that are working towards making a more sustainable future of food.



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