Meet our team


Arman Anatürk

Co-Founder & CEO

Arman has worked with emerging startups and industry leaders to better understand the needs and challenges of the different actors across the food ecosystem. He launched FoodHack with the goal to better connect these two sectors in order to collaboratively shape a better future of food.

Prior to FoodHack, Arman launched several other startup ventures and built a career out of facilitating meaningful collaborations between the startup and corporate worlds and helping business install an open approach to innovation.

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Camille Bossel

Co-Founder & COO

With a background in multimedia design and marketing, Camille is the builder behind the FoodHack brand and community. Originally from the Lausanne area, Camille left on voyage that took her through Turkey, Morocco, China, South-East Asia & the UK, to then return back home with a vision and approach to shape a better future of food.

Prior to FoodHack, Camille set up her own agency working with companies in the food, tech, sustainability and environmental fields to grow branding and marketing.

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Emilie Dellecker

Partner & CPO

With a background in ecology and stakeholder engagement, Emilie joined FoodHack in early 2018 convinced that the initiative can make a difference for food sustainability in Switzerland and beyond. With her, Emilie brings years of experience in the sustainability field and bridges the gap between the non-profit, academic, startups and corporate sectors.

Prior to FoodHack, Emilie worked at WWF in the lead up to Rio+20 Conference where she started experimenting with environmental policy and stakeholder engagement. In 2014, she joined the Luc Hoffmann Institute, where she managed a portfolio of multidisciplinary projects related to sustainable consumption and production involving NGOs, research centers and practitioners.

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FoodHack Ambassadors

Meet our local ambassadors

Thanks to our local volunteers, we're able to bring food entrepreneurs together and highlight exciting startups across Switzerland.


Marie-Laure Van Hove


Graduated from a hospitality management school in Switzerland in 2015 and currently enrolled in a Master in Digital Marketing and Communication in Geneva, Marie-Laure is specializing in the hospitality marketing field.

Marie-Laure loves discovering new things and sharing it with others, which led her to start Geneva Discovery, a popular blog uncovering Geneva's hidden secrets.

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Camille Degors


Camille likes getting lost in cities and is inspired by discussions on creative doubt & entrepreneurship.

She is a global project strategist for digital transformation, perpetually growing her community in the spheres of arts, culture, design and swiss entrepreneurship.

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Daria Reisch


Daria’s job led her to fields and farms where our food is produced, plants where food is processed, and fancy offices in Switzerland where it is traded. Now Daria works on a development project promoting sustainable agriculture.

Daria's travels have lead her to eat all sorts interesting things, from bugs to guinea pigs, all to find out that above all, cheese is still her favorite food.

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Philipp Staudacher Hoch.jpg

Philipp Staudacher


Assessing the negative effects of pesticide use among smallholder farmers in Uganda and Costa Rica. Integrating systems knowledge of the pesticide value chain within an interdisciplinary research initiative.

Interested in cross-cutting topics from farm to fork, climate crisis mitigation and adaptation, especially in agriculture and finance, global security and economic systems.

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Francois Capel

Senior Development Scientist

Focused on innovation, Skilled in Food Science, Project Management (PMP certified), team focused and passionate about Intra/Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup Principles. Strong research professional with a Phd and Post Doctorate experience focused in Polymer Science. Eager to make a difference in the field of innovation!

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portrait JGa photography-4.jpg

Julien Gaillard

Senior Innovation Consultant

20+ Years of experience in Research and Development, Expert in Food Extrusion at Nestle. Management in R&D (product/process development), management in operations (technical application groups), innovation: technology, products, process, background in cereal chemistry.

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