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Dinner with an expert

Come fill your brains (and bellies) over these informal dinner meetups where we invite food experts from different domains to share with us their experiences and takeaways. Participants are encouraged to also partake in our Potluck dinner and cook a meal of their choice, be that a starter, main or dessert to share with the rest of the community. Overall, we can't think of a better way to spend a Tuesday evening. 

Alternative Food Not Facts

As we grow into more environmentally conscious eaters, we should have alternative foods to replace our favourite ingredients. At Alternative Food Not Facts we invite you to try 'alternative foods', be that insects, algae, tofu's and more, and present you the cold facts about what you put into your body. Hey, you never know what you'll like until you try it! 

Squeeze your ideas

We believe 10 brains are better than 1. So if you're a foodpreneur working on idea that will shape a better future of food, no matter the stage (idea, protoype, startup, etc.) we invite you to join these meetups to get some valuable feedback from like minded individuals. Likewise, if you're an experienced foodpreneur (or just an interested individual) come and provide constructive criticism to help out others.