FoodHack Founders

Camille Bossel

Growing up in Switzerland I become accustomed to our Swiss food traditions. Eating roast beef for christmas, cold meat and cheese for lunch or drinking a glass of milk before bed. I was assured by Swiss food labels that what I was eating was environmentally friendly and so I didn’t question this further.

The past 3 years, I've been traveling around the world. Throughout my journey, I had the opportunity to discover other food cultures which lead me to question my own. I realized how misinformed I was and how difficult it is to change what you eat. I cofounded FoodHack to keep myself on track and to support others transitioning towards a more sustainable diet too.

Arman Anaturk

I love eating food, so much so that as a kid I grew up overweight and unhealthy. When I finally decided to change this, I didn’t know where to begin or what to look for and fell into the trap of fad diets. Only when I finally started getting equipped with the right food knowledge and applying it day in and day out did I start getting into shape and feeling healthy.

Along the way I also became much more conscious of my food’s impact on the environment. I cofounded FoodHack as a way to continue developing my knowledge on food nutrition and food impact and to highlight existing people, startups and companies that are working towards making a more sustainable future of food.



Mary Pugin

Event photographer

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Mathilde Michel

Project Manager & Meetup Hoster


Prisca Hoang Van

Meetup Hoster