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FoodHack is a community of food professionals, startups and entrepreneurs in Switzerland. We host regular events around food innovation and entrepreneurship and highlight exciting food startups and trends taking place.


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What is a Foodpreneurs Meetup ?

FoodHack’s Foodpreneurs Meetups provide an opportunity for the local food entrepreneur community to come together. During the meetups, guest are invited to bring food and/or drinks to share, and listen to our guest speakers from the food industry. The goal of which is to foster a community of food professionals that share, network, engage and learn with one another and to grow an active food ecosystem across Switzerland.

What is expected of an Ambassador ?

FoodHack Ambassadors commit to organizing 4 events per year in their city. As a rough guideline 1 event should takes our ambassadors an average of 2 full days to host, from conception to cleaning. As an ambassador, your responsibilities include but may not be limited to;

  • Setting dates for the meetups

  • Finding a suitable a venue

  • Sourcing relevant speakers

  • Finding and managing a photographer for the meetup

  • Sourcing drink sponsors for the meetup (optional)

  • Any logistics associated with organizing and hosting a meetup (i.e. liaise with venue, speakers, prepare presentation, present, welcome guests, setting up the venue in advance of the meetup, cleaning of the venue after the meetup ends)

  • Host the meetup on the day

  • Cleaning the venue at the end of the meetup


FoodHack Ambassadors are typically individuals who have a career or interest in the food industry and see the value of bringing together food entrepreneurs in their city. Organizing FoodHack meetups enables you to quickly grow a professional network within the industry, become well-known and connected in your region. Additionally, FoodHack ambassadors frequently benefit from free or heavily discounted tickets to FoodHack and external third party events. Where relevant, we’re also happy to access our network to help you further projects that you may be working on.

As a FoodHack ambassador you are also mentioned :

  • On the event description of wherever your meetup is listed
    (website, eventbrite, meetup, instagram, Facebook, etc.)

  • On the FoodHack team page under “Ambassadors”

Are FoodHack Ambassadors paid ?

No, the Ambassador position is on a volunteer basis. If there are any expenses you incur out of pocket in regards to the organisation of a meetup, please do contact the FoodHack core team so that we can reimburse these.


Fill up the form below to apply to become a FoodHack Ambassador and our team will be in touch shortly.

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