Chief Financial Officer


Job Summary

We are seeking a highly skilled, experienced startup CFO to join our growing organization. In this position, you will oversee any and all fiscal activity including accounting activities, budgeting, and forecasting performance and scenarios. You will work to plan and forecast the overall financial vision for the company to ensure productive financial operations.

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About FoodHack

At FoodHack, we’re on a mission to support food professionals working towards a more sustainable food system. Today, we're providing our members with online and offline networking opportunities, events, training and consulting services.

In 2020, FoodHack will be launching its first Campus to gather the entire food ecosystem all under one roof. Our facility will provide 2000m2 of food-grade workspace for startups and industry stakeholders to test, prototype, innovate and collaborate.

KEY Responsibilities

  • Organize and manage all finances of our company

  • Assist in the creation of a strategic financial plan

  • Budget, forecast, and help oversee current and future investments and capital structures

  • Advise on methods to increase revenue and bring down costs

  • Report to and work with the CEO on all financial matters

  • Assess financial risks and work to minimize them, always staying abreast to any changes in the market and communicating them to the CEO

  • Create financial outlook reports and ensure company funds are sufficient

  • Manage and track budget and accounting information including billing, collections, and tax information

  • Oversee all fiscal reporting within the company and create quarterly budget reports

Achievements & skills

  • Proven experience at a senior level in a commercial environment

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and startup know-how

  • Exceptional time management and ability to problem solve under pressure

  • Results-driven personality eager to partner with our upper management to organize, plan and achieve company financial goals

  • Ability to analyse market and business drivers at a high level

  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Curiosity, ability to listen, give feedback and work in close team environment

  • Strong interest in the food industry, innovation and startups

Qualifications :

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, business administration or related field preferred

  • MBA preferred and license in accounting is a plus

  • Strong professional network is a plus

what we offer

  • Flexible work hours and possibility to work from home

  • Exposure to the Swiss agro-food startup scene

  • Exposure to core stakeholders in the Swiss agro-food industry and sustainability scene

  • Join a fast-paced startup environment

  • Join a supportive and highly motivated team

  • Salary: TBD

  • Equity: TBD

  • Start date: TBD ~ September 2019


Our ideal candidate is a proactive and visionary person, able to identify growth opportunities, mitigate risk and willing to join a growing startups on the long run.

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Send us your CV and a short description of why you’d be the right fit at

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