What is a hackathon and what am I expected to do?

A hackathon is a combination of the words hacking and marathon. It’s an event of any duration, where people come together to build things, tackle challenges, network, propose solutions and have fun.

What am I expected to do at FoodHack Geneva 2017 ?

Mutli-skilled teams of 3 - 6 will form around the top ideas and you will be tasked with creating a solution to the given food challenges.

When and where does the event take place?

FoodHack Geneva 2017 will take place at Impact Hub Geneva starting from Friday the 27th October, 6:30pm and finishing Sunday the 29th October, 9pm.

Will I be able to sleep overnight and shower there?

Absolutely! We’ll provide cozy little chill out and sleep zones so that you recharge your batteries and hopefully you can make use of the on-site showers ;)

Do I have to stay overnight there?

No, it’s completely up to you and your team to decide.

How can I sign up?

You can apply to attend by completing the form here, before the 15th October 2017. 

When will I know if I’m accepted?

All applicants to FoodHack Geneva 2017 will be informed on the status of their application by the 19th of October.

How much will it cost?

We charge a small 25.- chf commitment fee which is reinvested into food, drinks and activities for the weekend. If you have any issues covering this cost or special situations, please email us at team@foodhack.ch.

What is the team size?

At most you should be 6, at a minimum you should be 3.

How old do I have to be to participate in FoodHack Geneva?

You must be 18 years old at the time of the event.

What about intellectual property? Do I own my code / design / project ?

Definitely! You submit your project for the pure purpose of evaluation and awarding, you do not transfer any rights of your work. 

How do I find team members?

On Friday the 27th October, our partners will present the challenges to the participants and you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, network and form teams on the day.

Pre-formed teams and pre-existing projects are not accepted.

What do I need to take with me?

The main thing to take is your computer and the charger. Take some clothes to change and any necessary toiletries. We will provide free food, drinks, snacks and anything else you might need during the event. We will inform you about anything additional you need to bring closer to the event.

I have a question, with who should I get in touch with?

We're always happy to exchange with you!
Get in touch with Arman for any questions: team+arman@foodhack.ch  

Can I join FoodHack Geneva as a volunteer ?

Do you believe in the FoodHack mission and want to get involved as a volunteer? Awesome! There are plenty of opportunities you could help us out with, from putting posters up at strategic locations, to helping host the event over the weekend.

Please get in contact with Camille through team+arman@foodhack.ch

Can my company get involved as a sponsors or partners ?

We offer a wide range of sponsoring / partnering opportunities. If you'd like to get involved, please get in touch with Camille through team+camille@foodhack.ch

I'm a journalist or represent a media company, who should I get in touch with ?

We'd be happy to answer all your questions. Please, get in touch with our media relations manager, Flore through team+flore@foodhack.ch


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