2019 Food Trends in Switzerland and Abroad

Food Trends 2019 -  Planted , the startup working on plant based meats in Zurich that gave us a tasting at the last FoodHack Zurich event.

Food Trends 2019 - Planted, the startup working on plant based meats in Zurich that gave us a tasting at the last FoodHack Zurich event.

For our talk on RTS 1, we were asked to cover some of the food trends of 2019. To find out more, we asked the FoodHack network what they believed are the upcoming food trends of the year, here’s what we learned:

Global Food Trends

  • Consumers demand for sustainability and transparency
    Everywhere, increasing awareness from the consumers for sustainable, healthy, fairtrade and ethical foods is driving innovation and food trends. It’s not just the health-conscious individuals taking a closer look at food labels closely nowadays. In addition to the source and list of ingredients, consumers have higher expectations of companies in sharing specific information on the packaging. As companies are held accountable for information including marketing claims on the labels, the demand for transparency will shape companies' cultures, hiring practices and inclusion measures in 2019.

    As increased production to feed 9 billion people by 2050 is becoming a global concern, alternatives are being researched and tested (flour from insects like Cricket Flour USA, plant-based meats like Beyond Meat USA or Impossible Foods USA.

    At the forefront of innovation, cultured-meat is already making its way into our plate with for example the USA startup Memphis Meat.

  • Consumers demand for authenticity and community
    As younger consumers are increasingly choosing to spend on experiences over items, it’s an opportunity for restaurants, markets and retailers to put authenticity, local sourcing, entertainment and unique experiences at the core of their offering. As city dwellers feel more and more disconnected from each other, spaces that bring a sense of community are likely to succeed.

Switzerland’s 2018 Food Trends

Key trends from last year

  • Fermentation: Sourdough, Kombucha and Kefir, with growing local brands like Urban Kombucha VD or Bread Store VD

  • Insect based food: recently legal in CH, insects were big in 2018 with local brands like Essento quickly making their way into Coop.

  • Dairy alternative: growing trends for milk alternative, especially with oat (lowest environmental impact) and vegan cheeses (ie La Crémerie Végane GE, successful crowdfunding last year)

  • Food waste: growing awareness from consumer on reducing their waste at home (MyFoodways), from retails at the shop (Too Good To Go) and from restaurants on reducing their waste in the kitchen (KITRO)

  • Online: increasing demand from consumer for convenience, transparency and local sourcing, with online market platform like Farmy.ch ZH, LabelBleu NE or MagicTomato GE all growing in popularity.

Switzerland’s 2019 Food Trends

What’s coming up in Switzerland this year ?

  • Less plastic & packaging: In the past years, we’ve seen more and more retailers adopting reusable or paper bags; and the trend isn’t likely to stop as the demand for less plastic & packaging is growing worldwide. We hope to see Migros and Coop get rid of overly packaged products i.e. fruits and vegetables unnecessarily wrapped in plastic. Consumers are sick of it.

    Locally, restaurants like Loxton are banning single-use straws, and festivals like Miam are working on using 100% reusable cups, cutlery and plates.

  • Online market: Amazon fresh registered in Switzerland a few months ago and although we don’t know their plans as of yet, it could put some pressure on local competitors like Coop@Home, LeShop or Farmy which will have to emphasise their local sourcing, authenticity and transparency, as well as quality interface and increasing convenience for the user.

  • Plant-based, protein and dairy alternative: mushrooms-meat with the promising team of “Planted.” in ZH, algae protein like Alver VD

  • Food waste: continuous increase awareness on food waste, with new positive and “non-guilty” idea like ZuriChips ZH that take breads headed to waste and transform them into tasty chips.

  • CBD drinks & products: The trend for cannabis food & drinks is likely to continue with drinks like Hempfy The mainstreaming of marijuana will be found in restaurants and bars—with chefs putting together CBD tasting dinners and mixologists crafting CBD cocktails.

Some of the future focused brands in the FoodHack network.  Le Smart Cake ,  Hempfy ,  SMOWL  ,  Fit’n’Tasty  &  DeliKits .

Some of the future focused brands in the FoodHack network. Le Smart Cake, Hempfy, SMOWL , Fit’n’Tasty & DeliKits.

  • Non alcoholic cocktails: are gaining in popularity with millennials and you can already find the UK brand Seedlip crafted into delicious mocktails across bars in Switzerland.

  • The rise of speciality coffee in Switzerland: with the adoption of single origin coffee promoted by local chains like The Coffee Project VD or Boreal GE.

  • Organic baby food and quality labels: The increasing adoption of organic baby food YAMO ZU or fresh baby food like Delikits VD.

  • Insects: As consumers are still getting used to eating insects, we believe there is big opportunity for the pet food industry to launch insect based pet food to reduce their environmental impact.

  • Shared spaces: Food courts, communal dining halls serviced by multiple kitchens, mix of coworking and food. Millenials like to be “Alone, together”, we like to do our own thing while being surrounded by like-minded people. FoodHack is currently working on our shared kitchen space and co-working hub for food businesses and service providers to tap into this.

Written by Camille Bossel, Co-Founder @FoodHack.ch, thanks to all the contributions from the FoodHack network that made this article possible.