FoodHack 2018: Our year in Review


2018 has been busy.

We’ve brought on a new partner, welcomed new ambassadors, expanded our events to Zurich and Geneva, hosted over 1000 attendees, and helped connect food entrepreneurs across the country.

What began in 2016 as an event to bring together change makers passionate to shake up the food industry, grew into Switzerland’s largest network of food entrepreneurs and startups by 2018, and next year, FoodHack will launch our co-kitchens and food incubator to further support foodpreneurs with production space and training.

But more on that later, first, a quick look back at the 2018 highlights.

1 new partner | 4 new ambassadors | 16 events | 35 speakers | 10 venues | 1000+ attendees


1 new partner.

Emilie (pictured left) joined the FoodHack team back in March to help shape the development of FoodHack as a viable and sustainable business. Now on maternity leave, Emilie will be happily welcomed back as partner and COO at FoodHack on her return next year. With a background at WWF and Luc Hoffman institue, Emilie applies her institutional background to further develop our support for foodpreneurs whilst ensuring we meet our impact measurements.


4 new ambassadors, 2 new cities

Our expansion of events to Geneva and Zurich are thanks to our passionate ambassadors who have joined us this year to host the FoodHack meetups and bring together foodpreneurs in their cities.

In Geneva, we’re joined by Marie-Laure Van Hove, founder behind Geneva Discovery and Camille Degors, founder behind Visit Geneva and Faces of The Frontier. In Zurich, we’re joined by Daria Reisch, Project Manager, Sustainable Agriculture at BFH and Doreen Hungerbühler, Project Manager at Allianz.

We look forward to getting to know more food entrepreneurs and startups in these cities and seeing the FoodHack community grow.


1 FuckUp night, 1 Conference, 2 workshops, 12 Meetups

In 2018 our team and ambassadors hosted all together 14 events across Switzerland. 1 FuckUp night to hear the failures and struggles behind now successful food founders, 1 conference to learn how to set up and grow a food business, 2 workshops challenging participants to create and pitch food startups and 12 meetups across Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich to hear the stories behind our guest speakers over a shared potluck dinner.

In 2019 we look forward to further expand our events to even more cities across Switzerland. For now, join us at an upcoming event here.


35 Speakers

Be it the founders of a pizza truck turned pizza shop, a silicon valley investor that’s launching a new fund for food startups, a reporter covering the hottest new restaurants, or a guide for vegetarian and vegan spots, we’d like to thank all of our speakers who joined us at our events to share their stories, advice and inspiration to the FoodHack audience.


13 F&B Partners

FoodHack event’s wouldn’t be the same without great food and drinks, and we want the best and tastiest choices, that’s why we’re proud to have the support from these awesome companies who provided our participants with food and drinks in 2018.


10 Venues

This years events took place in a converted car garage from the 1950’s, a public bathroom that’s been given a second life as a thriving cafe, Switzerland’s friendliest startup accelerator, a designers loft and more!

We’re grateful to the venues and their staff that have warmly welcomed and accommodated us at their locations, even when things got a little bit messy (i.e. spilled wine)!


1000+ attendees

The FoodHack events would be nothing if it wasn’t for all the fantastic participants that take part. From our die hard fans who have been with us from the very first event, to the curious stroller, who pops in to see what all the fuss is about. We love hosting these events and getting to know all of you, your stories, businesses and ambitions.

This year we introduced the 30 second audience pitches at our meetups and it’s been a joy to see so many of you come up and share what you’re working on. Next year we promise to make our events, bigger, better and tastier. So we hope you keep joining us and bring your enthusiasm (and business cards) along with you.

Next Year

Breaking barriers and crossing the valley of death

Earlier this year, we asked you “what additional support or ressources would help you better grow your food business” and some of you have even been contacted by our team for more in depth interviews, all of this is to better paint the picture of what support is necessary and needed to help launch and grow more successful food businesses.

Although this research is still ongoing, we’ve been able to boil it down to the 3 key areas:

  • Thematic Events: Regular events, more cities and tailored content.

  • Training & Services: Workshops and content specific to launching/growing a food business and access to a list of service providers for food startups.

  • Production facility: Flexible shared kitchen space available for growing food entrepreneurs.

In 2019 are goals are to help food entrepreneurs by:

  1. Breaking the barrier of entry to help early stage entrepreneurs to test and start up their food business.

  2. Crossing the valley of death by providing growing food businesses with the necessary support to continue to grow and scale.


We heard you, but now…

We need your help

Over the past 2+ years, FoodHack has operated as a project, run by myself, my cofounder, Camille and the enthusiastic volunteers who help organise our events. We’ve got to know many of the different actors across the Swiss food industry, from suppliers to brands, accelerators to startups, chefs to cooks, and we’ve been able to better understand the gap in support and where we can provide the most value to Swiss food startups and entrepreneurs.

With FoodHack Kitchens, we intend to provide all the essential facilities, support and network needed to launch and grow a successful food business, all under one roof. To make it happen, we need your help :


1. Do you see an opportunity for you or your company to get involved as a strategic partner?

Send us an e-mail

2. Do you know of a facility in Lausanne or Zurich that could be the potential FoodHack Kitchen?

Send us an e-mail

3. Do you want to help shape the support we provide next year for food entrepreneurs?

Complete the survey


Special thanks goes to:

Our growth is thanks to a lot of people. From our ambassadors who organize our event in their cities, to our F&B partners who keep our participants happy and fed at our events, and to you, the readers, who support our work through messages of appreciation and motivation. In 2019, we’re dedicated to continue growing FoodHack together with you, and to help launch and grow more successful food business in Switzerland.


Our team & partners

Our ambassadors: Marie-Laure Van Hove & Camille Degors (Geneva) and Daria Reisch & Doreen Hungerbühler (Zurich) for bringing together the foodpreneur community in their cities.

Our hosts: Le Lab Lausanne, MassChallenge, Impact Hub Zurich, Spaces Geneva, Bahama Yellow, Le Montriond, La Ferme Des Tilleuls, ETH Zurich, Getting Digit, Impact Hub Lausanne.

Our event photographers: Cedric Heckley, Simøn Jeckelmann, Julien Dejeu & András Barta

Our food & drink providers: Saveur Pimen The, Siradis, SMOWL, Le Smart Cake, Urban Kombucha, Cannelle Rebelle, Hempfy, HEYLIFE, Les Iberiques, Cuppins, Le Pie, Puro Gelato, Biotta.


Our speakers

  • Vangelis Katselis, Founder & CEO, The Coffee Project

  • Nina Muller, Product Development, Alver

  • Nathalie Piller, Founder, Vegipass

  • Anysia Pillet, Content Coordinator, GaultMillau Suisse

  • Sara Dubler, Founder, A Hungry Blonde

  • Romain Wanner, journalist, 20 Minutes Romandie & Gastro Journal

  • Tobias Schubert, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Farmy

  • Manuel Gonzalez, Founder, Foodbytes & TERRA

  • Rusty Schwartz, Founder & CEO, KitchenTown

  • Gaspard Lhermitte, Co-Founder, Brightbites

  • Ati Mufwankolo, Co-Founder, Chien Bleu

  • Wendy Vanhonacker, Founder, Fit'n'Tasty

  • Guillaume Zbinden & Joëlle Mottier, Co-Founders, The Coffee Society

  • Arnaud Golay, Co-Founder, Paleta Loca

  • Sana Bahri & Marine de Lageneste, Co-Founders, ARTEA

  • Raphael Lutz, Founder, Studio Raphaël Lutz

  • Alexandra Gandoulf & Guillaume Schleipen Co-Founders, Helvetimart

  • Magali Halt, Owner Saveur Pimenthé

  • Maximilian Fischer & Edoardo Trivero, Co-Founders, Nero's Pizza

  • Dina Basic-Gawad, Co-Founder, Cuppin's

  • Marc Hempel, Founder, LePie

  • Monica barros Founder Le Boteco, bar à tartares et petiscos

  • Stéphane Muller, Co-Founder Toasted

  • Pablo Reyes Del Canto, Co-Founder, POM POM

  • José Amado-Blanco Co-Founder of Yamo

  • Nelson Casas Olguin Sales & Marketing at The Green Fairy

  • Yasmina Wakim, Founder, Street Gourmet Restaurant & Caterer

  • Eric Ware, Founder, Founder, Eric's Peanut Butter

  • Yan Luong, Founder, La cantine du 56

  • Ladislas Beuzelin, Founder, SMOWL 

  • Luciana Esteves, Founder, Le Smart Cake


Thanks for reading, have a great end to the year, enjoy the break and we look forward to catching up in January.

Arman Anaturk

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