FoodHack Geneva 2016 — Our Aims

FoodHack Geneva 2016 — Our Aims

  • Highlight and celebrate existing companies, people, and, organisations in Switzerland making a positive change on the future of food and food waste
  • Raise awareness of food waste in Switzerland
  • Raise awareness of food related emssions globally
  • Come up with solutions that could change the way Switzerland deals with food waste
  • Promote a diet of climate friendly meals
  • Educate the general public on how to cut down on food waste
  • Provide a space for participants to learn, improve their skills and meet new friends and/or business contacts
  • Bring the local and international community of Geneva together under one roof
  • Encourage participants from outside of universities to attend hackathons and startup events
  • Encourage more female entrepreneurs, developers and designers to attend hackathons and startup events
  • Grow OneRoof’s network of partners and sponsors to organise further hackathon & startup events with in the future
The first hackathon in Switzerland dedicated to tackling food waste.

FoodHack Geneva, taking place at Seedspace, Geneva on the 29th & 30th of October, will bring together 50 talented participants built up of developers, designers and business people to build solutions to tackle food waste and reduce food related emissions in Switzerland. Over this 2 day, 36-hour event, startups, entrepreneurs and corporates will all come together under one roof to change the way we handle our food waste in Switzerland, for the better.

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