13 European Food(tech) startups to watch.

13 European Food(Tech) Startups to Watch

With the food(tech) industry rising in popularity and new startups joining the space every week, it can be hard to keep track and find the promising ones that are working on shifting their industries.

Thats why for our upcoming event, Investing in the Future of Food, we've scouted and selected 13 emerging Food(tech) companies that we think you should know about, here's a quick look:


AI-powered meal planning software for hospitals and senior homes

MenuTech FoodHack Pitch

Problem: There is a high health and safety risk involved in preparing meal options for nutritionally vulnerable individuals (patients in hospitals; residents in senior homes; guests suffering from food allergies). This task amounts to avg. €20,000 per month in staff hours: it is currently a manual and repetitive process, which is prone to human error.

Solution: MenuTech software allows the automated generation of personalised meal plans based on individual dietary requirements. We introduce automation to food safety for patients in hospitals and senior homes. The time to prepare personalised meal plans is reduced by up to 90%. Our software also introduces continuous improvement to meal planning, provides meal diversity analysis tools and real time cost and procurement reports.


Up-cycling spent coffee grounds into ingredient for food, beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care.

Kaffe Bueno - FoodHack

Problem: Rising demand for natural/plant based and sustainable ingredients to meet customer demand and governmental policies is a key concern for manufacturers in the next 50 years. Therefore finding alternative sources to prevent unsustainable farming is crucial. Meanwhile there are more than 9 billion kg of coffee consumed every year, that if undisposed, generate methane, a gas 30x more harmful than co2.

Solution: Kaffe Bueno is aiming at revolutionising the 100 year old coffee industry by taking the advantages of coffee's unique composition and developing a unique biorefinery process that allows to fractionate the entire coffee by-product into their major compounds (oil, proteins, polyphenols, sugars), to be used as ingredients or intermediates for the production of other ingredients.


Making meat more sustainable by reducing the overall meat consumption and setting the stage for clean meat.

RebelMeat FoodHack

Problem: Many customers are aware that current levels of meat consumption are not sustainable. Yet, meat reduction is not always easily integrated into their daily routine. Available solutions like 100% plant-based meat substitutes are often highly processed and not aligned with the current trend of natural whole foods.

Solution: Rebel MEAT supports meat reduction on a daily basis by creating meat products that only contain 50% meat. We exclusively use organic, locally sourced ingredients that are turned into healthy, more sustainable meat products that still taste like the real thing. Additionally, by carefully selecting our base ingredients, we can incorporate meat cuts that are currently overlooked and therefore offer our product at a competitive price point.


Cloud-based, aggregator and multi-channel commerce platform designed for large and medium-sized restaurants and F&B businesses. 

Foodetective FoodHack Pitch

Problem: Restaurants have to use and manage a multitude of different hardware and online services to help them run their business effectively, but not efficiently.

Solution: Foodetective helps restaurants centralize their hardware and online services into a a tailor-made dashboard & data aggregator based on their services and growth needs.


Development and omnichannel commercialisation of a range of healthy snacks.

Hoppbox - FdooHack Pitch

Problem: Keeping fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice that requires regular adherence to, but when you're on the move, looking for a quick bite at the office, or just need something to quickly hit the spot, the temptation of grabbing a less-than-good snack in the nearest vending machine or at the store can often be too much.

Solution: Hoppbox makes healthy snacking easy by providing a wide range of healthy, tasty snacks to consumers every week via an affordable subscription service.


Developing and commercialising cannabis based mass consumer products.

Hempfy FoodHack Pitch

Problem: Cannabis is a very hot topic recently, due to promising wellbeing and health applications. However in the EU there is a lack of safe and legal mass consumer products despite the growing demand from consumers and retailers.

Solution: Hempfy is a vertically integrated company, which is able to guarantee safety and legality of our products. By using our cold infusion technology we are able to bring the best from cannabis plant to consumer, making Hempfy the perfect shelf item for major retailers.


Autonomous urban greenhouse enabling sustainable food production.


Problem: Food production needs to increase by 70%: by 2050 to feed the expected 9.8B people on the planet, with 2 persons out of 3 living in cities and only 25% more land suitable for agriculture, there is an urgent need to find complimentary solutions to traditional agriculture to sustainably feed tomorrow's society. But current production methods often imply three main environmental drawbacks; pollution, waste, & low quality.

Solution: Caulys-Farm is a simple way to provide people who lack time, space, and skills with a solution to grow their own produce by decentralising agriculture to produce sustainably directly where people live.


Organic and fairtrade spice company for people who care about good food with a good purpose.

Soul_Spice FoodHack Pitch

Problem: Overall lack of quality in the spice market (high levels of contaminations and adulterations, mixes of multiple origins). The spice supply chains very opaque, and little incentive for industry to change. This is detrimental at both ends of the supply chain: farmers earn too little and consumers have limited access to good quality (and limited information on what they are buying).

Solution: SoulSpice offers high quality spices, that are directly sourced from smallholder projects that are reviewed in person regularly. We are committed to sharing our benefits with the smallholder farmers, funding social impact projects, and are in the process of digitalising our supply chains in order to offer a direct visibility to the consumer on the quality of the product they are purchasing.


Natural feed supplement for cows that reduces methane emissions by 30%.

Mootral FoodHack Pitch

Problem: Methane emissions originating from enteric fermentation in ruminants have been known for decades, but it is only now that we realize the true scale of the problem. Reducing carbon emissions globally from the agriculture sector is a must in order.

Solution: Natural feed supplement for cows that reduces methane emissions by 30%. Apart from the product, the innovation is in the carbon credit associated with the product incentivising the supply chain and enabling the whole industry to reduce their carbon emissions.


Production & Sale of organic, gluten-free and vegan products.

Freely Handustry FoodHack Pitch

Problem: Consumers are more aware of the way they eat and the impact on themselves and their environment. Junk Food is out and in its place consumers are searching for convenient snacks without the added carcinogenic ingredients, refined sugars and contribution towards deforestation.

Solutions: Providing delicious, natural, healthy and allergy-free snacks suitable for everyone: Freely Handustry gives the guarantee that all our products mix high quality raw materials, an optimised nutritional composition and a unique taste.


100% vegan fruit & grain based covertures for cutting-edge pastry and cuisine.

Linnolat FoodHack Pitch

Problem: Chefs need new quality ingredients to handle new consumers demands such as vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free or sugar-free

Solution: Linnolat creates avant-garde, delicious ingredients, 100% vegan, gluten-free, low in sugar and with some sugar-free options - that work exactly like chocolate.


Artisanal, cold-pressed fruit & vegetable juices made in Switzerland

Fit'n'Tasty FoodHack Pitch

Problem: Cold pressed juices are a healthy and delicious drink to be enjoyed everyday, but due to their fresh nature they have a short shelf life span and need to be consumed right away.

Solution: Fit'n'Tasty juices taste fresh and stay fresh for more than a month thanks to their production technique, meaning we can offer a range of cold-pressed juices and wellness shots that are tailored for retail.


Produces and delivers a variety of vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free cakes and sweets.

Lolas Daily Kitchen FoodHack pitch

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Problem: Every fifth person in Switzerland is lactose intolerant, 17% of Swiss are flexitarians and from the age of 65, 11% of the Swiss population are diabetics. Finding suitable desserts for these people with allergies or intolerance while on the move can be a challenge.

Solution: Cakes that are vegan, gluten-free and made without refined sugar, handmade in Zurich, available and affordable for everyone. Stored in the freezer, the cakes last for 4 months and in the fridge for up to 1 week.

Interested to learn more about the startups?

Join us on September 10th in Geneva where the 13 startups each have 3 minutes to pitch their solution to audience of investors, followed by a startup fair where you can meet the founders and taste/test their solutions.

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