Discover the 9 teams and projects pitched at the finals of FoodHack 2017.


3 Projects for the Food Save Challenge

Team Food Cycle, presented by Connor Lurring

Winners of the Food Save Challenge by The Sustainable Living Lab

Team Food à Côté, presented by Coralie Regli 

Tiziano Prestini: Winner Best Designer prize

Team Meal Good, presented by Sinan Numan


3 Projects for the Urban Agriculture Challenge

Team Copernicus Aquaponic, Fruzsina Homolka & Jérome Favand

Winners of the Urban Agriculture Challenge by WWF Switzerland

Team Super Grow, presented by Jonathan Moy De Vitry

Jonathan Moy de Vitry: Winner Best Developer prize

Team LanMark, presented by Juliane Molin & Hasumi Fujiwara Nemani


3 Projects for the Food Traceability & Provenance Challenge

Team S-Man, presented by Ridima Mittal 

Winners of the Food Traceability and Provenance Challenge by RicoLab and Ambrosus

Ridima Mittal: Winner Best Hustler prize

Team Bare Food, presented by Maria Barikhina 

Team Robin Food, presented by Eduard Barroso